Tips to clean and rearrange your Wardrobe

Holiday season is upon all of us and so is the annual cleaning time. In this season everyone plans to hire the help of Cleaning services companies in Dubai to thoroughly clean the stuff and get rid of extra stuff that has been piling for months. Like the rest of your other property, your wardrobe also needs a little attention as if left ignored, a wardrobe can quickly become a mess of clothes, papers, boxes, and unnecessary stuff. And for how long would you ignore your messy wardrobe anyway? Holidays are the best time to settle scores with all the pending chores that you have been planning to do for months. It is that time of the year when the messy wardrobe filled with clothes, shoes, boxes, and other stuff requires an inspection because it is also draining to find what you are looking for on daily basis. To help you arrange your wardrobe nicely, we asked Professional Cleaners dubai to share tips.

Empty the wardrobe

Yeah, you have read it right. Empty the wardroom completely and lay out all the stuff on the bed or on the carpet/rug to sort out the stuff you need and the stuff that is no longer in use.


Look for empty shopping bags, wrappers, tags, and get rid of them without thinking twice. All of us are in habit of saving the wrappers and bags for later use but the truth is that they barely come to use ever.

Clean the wardrobe

The empty wardrobe gives you an opportunity to check the condition of your establishment. Remove the dust with a cleaning cloth and use a vacuum to reach the tiny corners. Also, look for holes and cracks to repair.


You can’t afford holes or cracks in your wardrobe as it becomes at risk of pest infestation as well as a source of welcoming dirt into the cupboard. Before stashing all your clothes back in the wardrobe, get the repair work done.

Organize the clothes

Organize your clothes according to the season. Pack all those clothes that you no longer need in the season and only keep those that you wear daily or planning to wear soon.

Sort out the according to an arrangement

Sort out your clothes that need to be hung on the hanger such as shirts, skirts, coats, and other delicate dresses. Fold the trousers, jeans, knitwear, etc.

Arrange Shoes

Save some space at the bottom of the wardrobe to store shoes. The Professional Cleaners dubai advises thoroughly cleaning all shoes from mud and dirt before storing them in the wardrobe.