House Cleaning Guide after Dubai’s Sand Storm

The sand that creeps in from behind doors and any open minuscule corner around the house is unavoidable while escaping a natural calamity like a sand storm. Sand is sticky and can be dangerous to your health since the dust particles in it can cause choking and trigger allergies by obstructing the airway in your nose and mouth every time you breathe it in. The dust that enters your airways through your sacs can cause serious harm to your lungs, resulting in high fevers or even infectious infections. Sad to say, there is no way to prevent sand from entering your home during a sandstorm, but there are certain measures you should be taking immediately after the storm. This includes deep cleaning your home, it's up to you to hire one of the Best home cleaning companies in Dubai or do the task all by yourself. if you go with the second option there's a checklist to get you started

  • When the sandstorm has passed and everything has returned to normal, you can begin the real cleaning. With a clean cloth, wipe down any apparent dust inside the house, such as the one on the table, ornamental pieces, and the television set.
  • Make sure to clean every nook and corner of the house, with help of a vacuum cleaner particularly the blinds, curtains, and sofa, where the most dust is likely to collect.
  • If the carpet is not rolled up, sprinkle unprocessed wheat bran on top of it and vacuum well. This will aid in the removal of dust particles that have accumulated.
  • Wet mopping a floor gives it the vibe of being thoroughly cleaned. This will allow you to remove any remaining sand particles and give your home a sparkling clean appeal. Simply use a clean mop and change the water as needed. If you like, add a floor cleaning solution to the water.
  • Turn off the air conditioner when a storm hits the city; otherwise, dust particles will slowly sneak into the room. Clean your air conditioner when the storm has passed. It is critical to clean the air conditioner's filter for optimal performance and clean air.
  • When the dust has settled and you've completely cleaned the house, open the windows for increased ventilation. The winds can blow up the accumulated dust and cause respiratory issues if you open the windows before cleaning the house. As a result, this step should be completed after you have properly cleaned every corner of your home.Post sandstorm cleaning can be a tedious task, you can get experts’ services from the Best cleaning companies in UAE.