Best House cleaning tips for Fall in Dubai

The autumn season is known for the shedding of leaves and cooler evenings. The autumn season in Dubai is not as colder as in other countries however the drop from the high temperature of the summer season is traceable for inhabitants. It is the season termed best to visit Dubai as the weather is much enjoyable. The shedding of leaves, on one hand, adds to the scenic beauty while on the other hand, it makes the house owners call Cleaning services companies in Dubai to keep the dust and girth away from home. In fall, your house is prone to attracting more dust than usual with the fall of leaves from trees is common in many regions. Moreover, you would also want to prepare your house to host warm dinner parties. Therefore, you must give your house a thorough cleaning either yourself or call the Best cleaning companies in the UAE such as Orlando Cleaning.

Make a stock

Before beginning to clean your stock, you must check if you have the right cleaning products available in your inventory. You need different products to clean different surfaces as one formula doesn’t apply to all. For example, to clean the glass surfaces, you should get a glass cleaner from the market or make one at home using vinegar. On the other hand, you can’t clean wooden surfaces with the same wash you have to get wood cleaners and polisher from the store.

Start Cleaning

Once you have made a stock of all the equipment, start cleaning following top to bottom and inside to outside approach meaning if you have a multi-storied house then start cleaning the upper portion first. Also, clean the inner portions first and the outer ones later. While cleaning, pay extra attention to cobwebs formed in the distant corners. After cleaning, use a wet mop to get a neat look for your home. You can also use disinfecting floor cleaners to cleanse the floor from the germs and bacteria residing over it.

Clean Your garden

The garden in the fall season tends to get messy. You will find fallen leaves everywhere sticking to your shoes and going inside the house once you go in. If you have a big lawn, it is advised to hire a professional mower to clean it at least once a week. Apart from the mower, you should pay extra attention to the lawn and remove the fallen leaves on daily basis.

Use disinfectants

Since large buildings are designed to house several people, the presence and spread of harmful germs is likely especially in times like these. Make sure your cleaning staff regularly disinfect all the floors and places of the building.

Seal the entry points

The dirt and remains of crunchy leaves can get inside your house with the wind. Make sure to seal the gaps below windows and doors to stop leaves and other dust particles from getting inside. Also, use foot-mates to control the dirt from entering the house.To hire professional help during the Fall season, call one of the Top cleaning companies in UAE, Orlando Cleaning to get a perfect clean.